One of the best ways to protect your system from evil viruses and malware is to install AVG Internet Security 2014 license number in your system and that too totally free. Normally this product is a combination of Antivirus and Anti-Spyware software’s so that your computer will remain save as well as it was when you install fresh windows. So if you are wondering why these companies provide these types of promotions than you need to learn some marketing tricks. All this is done to promote a product and grab some new customers. Obviously after using a software for some period you will surly go for it and pay money for rest of the time.

Detects viruses, threats and Malware

It’s hard to believe that how these products can detect and stop viruses, spyware, malware, Trojans horses and hackers from stealing your information. This is very debatable topic in public communities right now that how AVG Internet Security 2014 license keys communicate with windows files to create a shield for your computer and browser.


Huawei a leading worldwide IT solutions provider is giving away free download AVG Internet Security 2014 installer package with activation code. This promotion may not work in some countries but you can try it.

We all know that now a days not many people USB flash drive which was spreading the viruses more than any other device. But now a days cyber-criminals are targeting internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome which are most popular in people. So it’s very necessary to keep updating your browser as well as your security software so that they are ready to tackle any problem which will come in their way.

AVG Internet Security 2014 screenshot

Permanently Delete your Files

One of the worst features we have in Windows operating system is that you cannot delete your files for ever which means that if you have deleted your data from your hard-disk and then sell your computer or laptop to any body else than he or she can access your precious data any time. So this is where free AVG Internet Security 2014 product keys comes in the game and with the help of just few clicks it will permanently delete files from your hard disk.

 Stops Spying and Data Theft

So you think you work and play online and no body is seeing you than you live in a world of fools. Your each and every activity is recorded online as well as captured by your internet browsers which means your privacy is in danger. But you don’t need to worry about too much if you have serial number of AVG Internet Security 2014 keygen than it will do the rest for you. It will make sure that all your data will be placed in a safe place far away from hackers and crackers.