If you are looking for All-in-One Internet Security suite than ESET Smart Security 6 Username and Password is best choice for you. Good news is that now it comes with Anti-Theft technology which means that you can locate your laptop or net-book with this amazing facility and retrieve it. So if you laptop is missing or steal by someone than just go to the official website of Eset and search for special Anti-Theft page. Their you just need to enter your online Eset account and it will show you the exact location of your laptop and will even trace it on Google Map too.


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Identity Theft Protection

It’s amazing that how hackers find and steal our work online without even knowing us. So in order to keep your private data safe ESET Smart Security 6 Username and Password 2013 uses the special protection layer which consists of two major factors. One is personal firewall and other is Anti-Phishing technology. What if you receive an email saying that you have won one million dollars today and all you need to do is to login into your PayPal account with this link. You just click on that link and boom, your system is hacked.

Anti-spam Filter

Gone are the days when you wait for emails and when ever you got one it was a Christmas for you. Now a days every one got thousands of junk emails and no body wants to read even a single one. That is how much we all hate spam emails but no body can totally stop them. So will Eset smart filter will be able to stop these unwanted emails or it will be another fail.

Removable Media Control

When ever we go to our friends home or flat we take our removable media with us like USB drive or External Hard-drive. This is where we all do wrong and got viruses in it when we return to our homes. USB drives has no protection or mechanism to detect which file is safe and which is virus so when ever you transfer files in it there is a big chance that the file in infected.