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We all need Antivirus and Internet security products in order to protect our computer data and browsing experience. But the main problem with this thing is that we have to buy two separate versions of different companies which might not work together and perform better results. So this is where this Bitdefender Total Security 2014 free license keys comes handy and you will not only get this one free of cost but also all major benefits of Antivirus and internet security software.

Bitdefender Suite

Creating a product with all the features in it is not a big thing to do specially in this age of artificial intelligence. You need fast response time as well as non-intrusive feature so that it may not disturb you while you are working. Bitdefender Safepay allows you to withdraw or deposit cash or even your credit card information with no fear at all.

Bitdefender Total Security 2014 screenshot

Product of the Year Award

This is where I like free serial keys of Bitdefender Total Security 2014 because its an award winning software and you are almost guaranteed that no one can break into your computer without your permission. These tests are performed by third party companies so there is no fraud involve in this. Also they test the software on speed and reliability basis which means you will get the most out of your money.

Two-way Firewall

You might be thinking what the hell is two way firewall. Well if you are still thinking that one way firewall is enough for you than you live in past. Hacker and crackers are more intelligent and efficient than our thoughts and they constantly search for internet vulnerabilities and security loop holes so that they can exploit it. So when ever you send data to some other laptop in the world it is encrypted in 256 bit security layer so that no one can see it or try to break it. Also when the data will return from that machine it will have the pass-code in it which will use to enter into your computer without any problem.

Cloud Antispam

What never heard this term before. So you want to stay out of spam emails and also wanted to clean your span folder without problem than this feature will stop the unwanted email from reaching you which means you will never receive such stupid billionaire emails. You may be amaze to see the response of this feature and this is all because it uses the cloud technology and custom user response at fast speed.


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